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Building Work in School

 Building Works

in School


We have been extremely lucky to have secured the funding for some major works to replace the radiators and pipework at Galliard. 

This will complete the entire replacement of the heating system and ensure that the school can function at an appropriate temperature in the winter months.

The work will begin on the 2nd of July and take several months (due for completion by the October half term) and this will inevitably cause some disruption in school as classrooms have to be emptied to allow the work to be done.

Classes will be moved in blocks of three and we will be using the Computer Room, Hall and spare classrooms to accommodate them while the work is completed.

The work in the communal areas of the school such as the corridors, halls and welfare room will be completed in the Summer holiday for health and safety reasons and allow the school to function when we return after the Summer break.

We ask for your patience and understanding during this period with the changes that we will have to make to enable the work to go ahead.