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Welcome back to school everyone!

Our Curriculum

Year 6 Curriculum Overview


New National Curriculum

Higher expectations
SATs in May
Greater emphasis on mastery of basic skills e.g. in grammar, punctuation, spelling, arithmetic and reading
Children will be given individual targets in Maths and Literacy which will be regularly reviewed. 


‘Life after Levels’

continuation of new format SATs in May
We will be reporting teacher assessment and standardised scores NOT levels

•Your child will be assessed as: working below, in line with or above national age-related expectations through teacher assessment. From the SATs a score of 100 is seen as being in line with national age-related expectations.



  • 5 Literacy lessons per week
  • 6 Maths lessons per week
  • 1 Grammar lesson
  • 1 Spelling and Vocabulary lesson
  • 1 Arithmetic lesson
  • 4 Destination Reader sessions per week
  • PE, RE, French, Computing, Topic, Science



We will be teaching a range of Literacy skills that extend grammar, punctuation, sentence construction, reading, handwriting and spelling.  Other examples of areas of study will include narratives, poetry, diaries, journalistic and recounts.
Links will be made with Topics in order to provide a range of writing opportunities

• The school is implementing a new reading programme called "Destination Reader". This will enable the children to discus their reading in more depth and will focus on skills such as: prediction, inference, asking questions, evaluating, clarifying, summarising and making connections.



We will be extending the children’s understanding of place value, addition and subtraction, rounding, use of efficient written methods for multiplication and division, fractions, decimals, percentages, representing and interpreting data, using measures, problem solving and mental arithmetic.
You can help your child by developing their understanding of the everyday use and application of what they have been taught. Shopping with your child, telling the time, using money, playing board games, cooking and daily times tables practice all help to reinforce mathematical skills.
The school's Times Table Challenge will continue– children will be working towards achieving individual bronze, silver and gold awards as well as a class Times Table Cup. 



We will cover the topics of Light, Electricity, Healthy Living and Evolution as well as improving our skills in practical investigations.


Other subjects

History: Our topics are World War II and Ancient Greece.
RE: We will be studying Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism and Hinduism, looking at how festivals are celebrated in these religions.
Computing: We will be learning generic computer skills as well as studying e-safety, producing powerpoints, blogging and coding.
P.E: Outdoor games, hockey, tag rugby and basketball.
Geography: Our topic is Extreme Weather.


Homework reminder

•To prepare your children for secondary school, the amount of homework will increase during the year: This will include: completion of reading journals, maths, reading comprehension, grammar, topic work, table challenges and maths revision later in the year.

•Please make sure your child completes their homework and returns it to their teacher on the day agreed (see your child's homework diary).

Red Letters will be sent home as an indication of homework which has not been completed
Remind your child to present their work clearly and neatly using pencil for maths work and blue handwriting pen to complete all writing tasks
If your child needs help with their homework you can support them


Additional Support

Later in the year, extra support will be offered to identified children in the form of small group tuition (usually after school).

•Homework club will be offered to identified Year 6 children to support their learning.