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Building on work from previous years, Mrs Wileman became Eco Council Co-ordinator in the Autumn of 2018. Here are some Eco highlights of the 2018-2019 academic year.


   November 2018

Galliard embarked on an exciting project with environmental charity, ecoACTIVE, to help children, staff and parents/carers be the best they could be in terms of waste prevention and recycling.

The project covered a range of issues, such as food waste and advice on how to re-use/recycle paper, plastic and textiles.  The pupils of Galliard’s Eco Council attended a series of workshops and passed on their resulting expertise to the rest of the Galliard community, including staff and parents and carers.

How to be eco-friendly

By Jesi, 6P

Our Eco Councillors have had an exciting experience at a workshop with a charity called Eco Active. This charity works with schools in London to create awareness about how to be eco-friendly (look after the Earth).

On 16th November 2018, all of the Eco Council representatives took part in the workshop. In this workshop, they learnt about recycling, reducing and re-using as a way to help save the Earth. They also learnt a bit about pollution and how we could stop it.

After that, they went into groups and filled out a sheet answering questions about what they had learnt in the workshop.

This experience was very special and the children learnt a lot from this and are now able to think and talk about the ways we could help the Earth.

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