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Galliard will reopen to all pupils on Monday 7th September


Hello Class 6J

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Hello Year 6

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Hello Class 6P

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Hello Year 6

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Hello Class 6M

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Complete a Book Review and an AR quiz (follow this link -


Complete some Times Table Rockstars challenges.


Read the following text by clicking on the link and answer the questions in your workbook. I will post the answers at the end of the week so you can mark your work. Follow this link - Humble Potato -


Help your parents to set up a free account for you on Classroom Secrets for Kids by following this step-by-step guide. ( Once you’ve completed this, go to the Year 6 tab at the top, click on the Maths tab and complete Arithmetic Test Practice 12. You can do any working out in your workbook. Then click on the Year 6 tab and click on GPS and play the Autumn Revision Set 1 Grammar quiz.


Our Maths topic for this week is Perimeter. Go onto the school website and open the Perimeter powerpoint ( ) then complete the activity sheets (Perimeter 1) on the website. When you feel confident with these types of question, open the Perimeter 2 powerpoint from the school website, work through the examples and complete the activity sheets also on the website (Perimeter 2). I will post the answers at the end of the week. When you have finished this work, look at the perimewter pages in your CGP revision books and complete these questions.


Write a Balanced Argument (4 paragraphs – introduction, points ‘for’, points ‘against’, conclusion) on the subject ‘Should primary school children be allowed to use social media sites?’


Create an exercise plan for you and your family to keep you active and healthy. Some suggestions could be a workout video or a meal plan.


Draw or paint a picture of one of your favourite things. This could be a self-portrait, a flower, your bedroom or the view from your window.


Have a go at making a meal for your family – make sure you measure out the ingredients correctly to make it a success. Then write out your version of the recipe instructions in your workbook.


If you use IDL in school you can continue this work at home – try out a few challenges.