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Galliard will reopen to all pupils on Monday 7th September


Hello Class 2C

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Hello Class 2K

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Year 2

Week 2

Home Learning


Take 10    Complete 10 minutes of daily physical activity. This could be jogging, aerobics or dancing.


Read a book and act out the story.

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Practise writing these words. Make sure you know what they mean.

wild, climb, most, only, both, old, gold, hold, told, cold

look, write, cover, write, check

Now put your words into a sentence

Challenge can you put more than one of the words in a sentence.

Diary Writing

Week 2

continue your daily diary

Describe what you have done today.

Remember to write in the past tense.

Write about the events that have happened in your day in time order. How you are feeling, what you enjoyed and what you didn’t enjoy

Vocabulary to use:

Days of the week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Use time connectives:

First, next, then, after that, after a while, finally.

Personal Pronouns: I, we, my, we

Google images tricky word mat year 2

Neat handwriting, punctuation


Plan a story about a meerkat getting lost in Edmonton. Draw a story map. Use the story map to tell your story. Tell your story to everyone you can. Write your story. Illustrate your story.


Number bonds to 20


Rapid Recall of your subtraction bonds to 20.

All the ways to make 20 using 2 numbers.



Times tables Rock Stars


Food Chains

Draw or write food chains. Remember to think about the order in which the pictures go (what is eaten by what)


Useful websites

Useful sites to visit