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Galliard will reopen to all pupils on Monday 7th September


Hello Butterflies

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Hello Nursery

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Hello from Mrs Smith

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Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope you are well and enjoying the time with your children. Parenting can be stressful, especially now, when we are all uncertain about the future. Please try to spend quality time cuddling up, reading and playing with your child. Here are some ideas of how you can support your child. Pick what you like and don’t feel that you have do it all.

Hope it helps😊



Learning at home - Prime areas


Personal Social and Emotional Development

  • Encourage me to help you with jobs around the home e.g. sweeping, tiding toys, pegging the laundry, setting the dinner table, making the bed, folding the towels etc
  • Allow me time to play by myself as well as with you and siblings.
  • Have ‘down time’ at least once a day e.g take part in yoga. Cosmic Kids on YouTube have nice yoga activities and the children are familiar with it. Try and do it together until they feel confident to do it by themselves.
  • Try and keep to simple and easy routines e.g. breakfast, snack, play, dinner, bath, story and bed. You could reference to the time on a clock or make a simple visual timetable by drawing pictures
  • Use the language of ‘now’ and ‘next’ or ‘first and ‘then’ to help me cope with transitions e.g “first we will have a bath and then we can watch TV”.
  • Explain to me why I cannot do things like run away on the street or in a shop or why I must hold your hand to cross the road.
  • Encourage me to wait my turn to speak when others are talking
  • Play turn taking games with me and ask me for a turn of my toys. Don’t always let me go first.
  • Talk about feelings- positive and negative ones. Talk about how you manage overwhelming emotions e.g. if angry take deep breaths. Help me to do the same.
  • Facetime/WhatsApp/Skype family members and friends.





Communication and language

  • Play listening games with me e.g. Simon says….
  • Talk to me about what you are doing and why you are doing it, e.g. why we have to wash clothes.
  • Ask me about my opinions about things.
  • Talk to me about what we are going to do and about events that happened in the past
  • Ask me questions e.g. “I’m going to make a sandwich. What do I need to cut the bread?”
  • Give me 2 step instructions e.g. put the remote on the table. Put your plate in the sink.
  • Ask me to get more than one thing at a time. E.g. find your shoes and socks.
  • Play memory games e.g. hide objects under a blanket and then remove one.
  • Play hide and seek with my toys and give me instructions on how to find them. Then let me do the same for you
  • If you are introducing me to a new word, try and encourage me to use it in context.


Physical development

  • Let me pick my clothes and dress myself. Help me if I need it.
  • Talk to me about why I need to wear certain clothes at a particular time
  • Let me think about what I may need to wear e.g. “It’s sunny and warm. Do you need a coat today? Or “It’s raining outside what would be best to wear on your feet? Wellies or trainers?
  • Let me have a go at brushing my teeth myself before you do it. Similarly, with washing and wiping after the toilet.
  • Talk about foods that are healthy and unhealthy and let me try new foods.
  • Dance to music and make up dances
  • Jump Start Johnny on the web has routines I can follow. Also Just Dance videos, Joe Wicks, Cosmic Yoga on YouTube.
  • Play ball with me- throwing and catching and kicking the ball to each other.
  • Let me use scissors and knives to practise cutting play dough, cooked spaghetti or strips of paper.
  • If possible, let me do big drawings on paper stuck to the wall (lining paper is good for this) OR if you have access to outside, water painting on the concrete or shed. This is good for my muscles
  • When out walking, encourage me to move in different ways, e.g. hopping, jumping, skipping.
  • Let me play with big boxes





Hello Nursery

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Week 2


  1.  Share a book with your child each day.
  • Talk about the pictures in the story.
  • Talk about the characters in the story.
  • Ask your child simple questions about the story.


  1. Listen to and join in with the following number rhymes.


  1.  Watch and enjoy the story ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ with your child.  Encourage your child to join in with the words and actions.


 Play and talk with your child as much as possible.  Comment on their actions as they play and try to extend their language.  Encourage and praise them as they play.