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Galliard Primary School

Galliard Primary School

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Computing Curriculum Intent


To develop and deliver a broad computing curriculum that excites, engages and challenges children. Our curriculum will support them in developing a range of skills that will help them in their future lives: a wide range of digital literacy skills, an understanding of how computers, networks and the web work and the computational skills to solve problems using computer science principles. We expect our curriculum to provide them with the tools to learn and work within the 21st century and enable them to be ambitious in planning for their futures.



Our Key Concepts:


1) Digital literacy - including Online Safety

Children are confident using a range of computing devices to create digital artifacts. They have a growing knowledge of which software they can use and know how to save, retrieve and share their work. They have experience of working with images, sound and video and recognise where technology is used in the world around them. They know how to safely navigate the online world and who to contact if they are experiencing difficulties.


2) Computer Science

Children understand that computers are programmed machines. They recognise a range of devices as computers and have a wealth of experiences writing, testing and debugging programs which achieve specific goals. They are familiar with the key concepts of computer science including programming, sequence, repetition, selection, variables and control.


3) Computers, networks and the WWW

Children have a basic understanding of what makes a computer a computer. They recognise the key components inside a device and the role they play. They are beginning to understand that networks are connected computers and how these connections create the internet and allow for communication and collaboration. They can recognise the WWW as pages of shared information and are able to find and evaluate information.


Vocabulary: Children will be introduced to new significant computing linked vocabulary which is commonly encountered in many other subjects and can be retained and transferred effectively


Computing Capital: Our children will work regularly with the most up to date hardware and software and experience high quality teaching, recognising that this will ensure they do not fall behind their peers from more affluent backgrounds.