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Eco Council

Eco Council at Galliard


At Galliard, we feel it is important to ensure every child is given the opportunity to be inquisitive and think about the natural world around them. We have a large field, an orchard, an allotment area, a greenhouse and a nature trail which the whole school can use to experience interesting and innovative lessons. We want our pupils to have an understanding and appreciation of the need to protect our environment and to take responsibility for caring for and improving their world. 


Our Eco Councillors and Assistants 2021-2022


ClassEco CouncillorEco Assistant


📝 Ryman Trip ✒️


Our Eco Assistants helped prevent more than 1,500 used pens from being thrown into landfill on 27th April. The children took them to the Ryman shop in Enfield Town, which is a special collection point: instead of just being thrown away, the pens are used to make a range of recycled products. 


Classes throughout Galliard have been placing their used pens and highlighters in special boxes for the last few weeks and the Assistants collected and counted them just before the trip. Some of the emptied boxes are already filling up ready for the next drop-off!


On recycling, if you have any unwanted textiles (e.g. clothes, bags, belts, shoes, etc), please place them in our Textile Recycling Bank (outside the main entrance). Thank you.

Eco Councillors Tree Planting 


Our Eco Councillors were privileged to take part in a historic reforestation project when they planted oak and cherry saplings in Botany Bay in early December. Their sterling efforts were witnessed by the Deputy Mayor of London for Environment and Energy, the head of and members of Enfield Council and members of Thames 21.

“I liked it a lot because if we grow more trees, the trees will take away the bad air and then we will have clean air,” said Arvellys of 4P. “When we were digging, I didn’t expect to find a beetle larva. That was great!”

“I had a really nice time because I liked digging the holes,” commented Sonny of 5DO. “Fitting the plastic protective cover was the hardest bit.”

“It was exciting because I’ve always wanted to plant trees,” added 6O’s Victoria. “It was pretty much as I expected but the first tree was the hardest before we got used to it.”

All 12 of our Councillors considered the day educational, fun and important in helping to look after our local area. It is hoped that our Eco Assistants will be able to plant some more trees at the site in 2022.


Thames 21 is working in partnership with Enfield Council to create one of London’s newest woodlands in Enfield Chase.


If you would like to take part in the project, which is open to members of the public, follow the link below.

Trees for rivers: a new woodland for London - Thames21

In June 2021, Galliard was awarded the Eco Schools Gold Award in recognition of our passion for environmental education and engagement.

The school has also achieved a Bronze TfL STARS award for the work lead by Mrs Suleyman and her Year 5 JTAs (Junior Travel Ambassadors)  in encouraging sustainable travel.