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Galliard Primary School

Galliard Primary School

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Friends of galliard (FOG) PTA

Friends of Galliard



We  are  fortunate  at  our  school  to  have  FOG,  that  is  and  has  been  an  integral  part  of  the  school community  for  many  years.  In  its  time  the  FOG  has  raised  thousands  of  pounds,  which  has  been spent  on  equipment  and  resources  to  enhance  our  children’s  education  experience  and  the school’s  facilities.


FOG  is  about  much  more  than  simply  fundraising.   FOG  exists  to  provide  closer  links  between home  and  school  and  it  is  an  excellent  way  to  bring  staff,  parents  and  friends  together  socially  in support  of  the  school,  working  towards  a  common  goal.   It  is  fun  too  -  just  ask  any  of  the Committee  members  or  FOG  helpers.   Obviously,  as  in  any  organisation,  we  have  experienced some  challenges  but  with  the  continued  support  of  parents  and  staff,  the  FOG  has  always succeeded  in  its  efforts.


All  parents  and  members  of  the  school  community  are  encouraged  to  get  involved,  even  if  they only  have  a  small  amount  of  time  available.  All  families  are  automatically  members  of  the  FOG when their  child  joins  our  school.


FOG  is  extremely  conscious  of  the  ethos  and  diversity  of  our  school,  and  we  try  very  hard  when organising  and  planning  events  to  respect  this.   Not  all  of  our  events  are  run  as  fundraisers.   Such as  our  contributions  towards  school  trips,  Christmas  Presents  for  Key  Stage  1  and  Children’s Designed  Tea  Towels  and  Pizza  Party  for  Year  6  are  run  with  the  aim  of  giving  the  children  a  good time  and  as  a  way  of  thanking  families  for  their  continued  support  for  the  FOG. 

Committee Members

If you wish to get involved please contact

Mrs Dettmer or Mrs Berman in the school office


0208 804 1818