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Galliard Primary School

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Our Aim:


By Year 6, we want all our children at Galliard to be confident and enthusiastic mathematicians who leave our school with solid foundations on which to base the rest of their mathematical journey.


When they join us in twos, Nursery or Reception, all children will be instilled with a self-belief that they can achieve and will be given the tools to do so through an engaging maths curriculum that fosters fluency, flexibility and the ability to recall and apply knowledge to different situations and problems.


We encourage perseverance and curiosity in the subject and teach the children to understand the value of making mistakes in deepening their understanding of mathematical concepts.



How we Teach Maths:


At Galliard, we follow the White Rose mastery-based curriculum across the school to ensure all objectives are covered in line with the National Curriculum.


At the heart of our approach is developing children’s understanding of why they do things rather than just learning processes. In this way, a much deeper understanding is embedded and children’s learning is committed to long term memory which can be recalled at a later time and applied to new problems in unfamiliar situations.


In our teaching, we follow a Concrete – Pictorial – Abstract method to allow children to internalise new concepts being taught. The use of physical and visual representations deepens children’s understanding by enabling them to see the maths and make sense of what is happening. In line with this, children always have access to resources in maths lessons. Lower down the school, children are exposed to a huge variety of carefully selected resources with an emphasis on numicon, dienes and tens frames. Later on, resources and visuals are used to demonstrate and embed written methods in a way that helps children to give meaning to and understand different processes.


Problem solving is a feature of every maths lesson and children are given lots of opportunities to reason, discuss and explain their thinking, using correct mathematical language and full sentences.


We have a strong emphasis on fluency skills throughout the school with daily practice in order to ensure frequent repetition and revisiting of concepts.



Times Tables:


Effective understanding and recall of times tables is the foundation of much of the mathematics children will do. Teachers teach times tables in class and enthuse the children in the learning of these crucial facts through use of games and energisers in class. The whole school has access to Times Tables Rock Stars and children in Key stage 2 compete against each other in a half termly challenge in which the classes with the most children taking part each week gain points for their class on the leader board.



Home Learning:


Lower down in the school, homework is geared towards the accurate recall of basic number facts to help develop fluency in children. This often takes the form of a game. Families are also encouraged to watch Numberblocks at home and take part daily in the White Rose 1-Minute Maths app to help build greater confidence with number.


The children in Key stage 2 are set homework using the programme My Maths. Home learning aims to provide children the opportunity to revisit and embed the learning they have been doing in maths lessons during the week. In addition to this, children will be practising their times tables at home, either through a task set by their teacher, with their families or using Times Tables Rock Stars.


During the year, we invite parents to maths workshops in which they experience some of the work children do in lessons. In particular, we want to clarify the methods used in class by the teachers in order to empower parents to support their children at home. We also provide parents with lots of ideas of activities they can do with their children at home to help develop their mathematical fluency.



Times Table Rockstars:


Every child from Year 2 up has a log in and password for Times Tables Rockstars stuck into their reading diaries. They can use this programme completely independently to practise times tables that have been allocated to them by their class teacher. Playing on Times Tables Rockstars regularly is a fantastic way for children to increase their accuracy and fluency and each time they play, they will score points for their class that will move them up the leader board. At the end of each half term, the class at the top will win a special prize.

Click here to see our Times Table Rockstars leader board page.



Third Space Learning:


Through Third Space Learning, we offer personalised 1 to 1 weekly maths tutoring to children who we think will benefit from a boost in certain areas of maths. This year, a group of Year 3 children have completed a block of lessons that helped to address misconceptions and build solid foundations in key skills. 15 Year 6 children are currently taking part in personalised programmes to help them revise key topics for the Key Stage 2 assessments. We have found these sessions to have an excellent impact in children's confidence as well as their progress in maths. 



Click here for our maths progression documents



✖️ Maths ✖️


On Wednesday, our Maths group took part in an official Guinness World Record attempt to beat the most number of viewers on a live stream on YouTube. Baz Wynter from Times Table Rockstars danced to a times table rap and we all joined in. The previous record was 1500 viewers but this record was broken and there were 5362 viewers. It’s amazing that we were able to be a part of this Guinness World Record. After this, we learnt the 8 times table rap and performed it. Why don’t you have a go too?

Henry, Zion, Tyler and Ayaz

Maths Rap

Still image for this video

Part 1: Learning times tables 


Part 2: Developing written methods