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Galliard Primary School

Galliard Primary School

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At Galliard, we are currently employing 'Primary PPA', an external company to deliver our music curriculum. Children form Reception to year 6 access the music curriculum they have developed based on the National Curriculum. 


The curriculum centres around the following objectives:


  • For children to learn why Music is important, to become familiar with the names and sounds of all basic percussion instruments as well as other musical terms
  • For children to develop their creative thinking skills and improve their motor skills
  • To encourage children to become active listeners
  • To demonstrate that there are rewards from dedication and practice
  • To encourage children to learn about and to embrace other cultures through music
  • To develop confidence and listening skills
  • For children to explore emotions through music, helping them develop into young people and learn more about who they are.
  • To raise attainment and enthusiasm in Music lessons
  • To make children aware of the importance of teamwork and coordination in a team
  • To make Music fun!


Click here for the Music KS1 Subject Pack

Click here for the Music KS2 Subject Pack


We also buy into the Enfield Music Service and our Year 4 children have the opportunity to spend a term learning how to play the guitar with a trained musician.


Children are encouraged to develop their love for music through joining our KS2U choir or having individual musical instrument lessons with Enfield's highly skilled peripatetic teachers.


Click here for the yearly curriculum overview

Click here for our music progression of skills overview