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  • Choir Christmas Care Home Visit

    Published 14/12/23

    On Thursday 7th December, Galliard School Choir went to Sunbridge care home to sing some Christmas carols and songs for the residents.

    When we were there, some of the elderly residents tried to sing along and clap so I guess they enjoyed it. One of the residents knew all the lyrics to the songs so maybe she used to be in a choir too.

    At the end, everyone of us got to have a cake or a biscuit and some blackcurrant or orange juice.

    I enjoyed the trip and want to do it again.

    Nicole Nikolova (Year 5)

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  • School Parliament

    Published 08/12/23

    Our School Parliament were delighted to welcome Kate Osamor, MP for Edmonton to Galliard. Kate spoke to them about her work at Westminster and in Edmonton. She encouraged all of the children to take an active interest in politics and was very impressed with the quality of their questions which included: When I look at the Houses of Commons, they are all men. What is it like being a female MP?

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  • Eco Council Ryman's Trip

    Published 01/12/23

    The school's Eco Councillors had a great time visiting Ryman to recycle old pens. These pens will be melted down and used to make new products. 

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  • Our Black History Month 2023 competition winners are..........

    Published 27/11/23

    It was a pleasure to meet the winners of the BHM research competition today and for them to talk me through their entries. Each of the winners were delighted to receive a book as their prize today. I hope they enjoy reading them and that they know how proud we are of all of them.

    Sofia in 2K made a posterboard about Floella Benjamin

    Josephine in 2C made a great you tube video

    Kuzey in 3C did some research on a lady called Creola Katherine Coleman who worked at Nasa

    Scarlett Rose in Year 4 showed off her knowledge of Mary Seacole  and created a model of a hospital complete with soldiers and a Mary Seacole

    Shannon in 5M put together some fascinating facts about Dominique Dawes the first African American gymnast and her presentation of these was very creative

    Riley in 6W was the final winner with his poster of Michelle Obama with her famous catchphrase..'When they go low, we go high'. If someone is cruel or acts like a bully, you don't stoop to their level.


    Congratulations to you all.

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  • Black History Month 2023

    Published 27/11/23

    Galliard celebrated Black History Month this year with a competition. This year, the theme of Black History Month was 'celebrating our sisters', and the children provided plenty of presentations which focused on powerful black women from history, ranging from Mae Jemison to Michelle Obama. We even received a homemade video this year! I'd like to thank every child who took part in the competition - all of the entries were fantastic - and am glad that so many children were able to celebrate Black History Month with us.

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  • Harvest Festival Thanks Giving

    Published 20/11/23

    Thank you to all who so kindly donated to our Harvest Thanks Giving. The Food Bank came and collected our food donation and were helped to load the van by our Year 1 & 2 school councillors. 

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  • Dogs Trust Visit

    Published 17/11/23

    🐕 Whoof! Whoof! 🐕

    In year 3 we had a special visit from Charlotte, who works for the ‘Dogs Trust’. The children were super excited…and although Charlotte did not bring in her own dog-Willow, she had some amazing ideas about how we could be dog smart. Charlotte got our children to think about how we behave around dogs and what the safest things to do around dogs we know and those we don’t! Our children now have a better understanding about what behaviours may cause a dog to become unfriendly. They know that by remaining calm, still and quiet may help to defuse certain encounters with dogs.

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  • Cross Country Championships

    Published 17/10/23

    Well done to our cross-country team who performed brilliantly at the Year 5 and 6 Enfield schools cross-country championships.  The children tackled a very tough course at Forty Hall.  All the children ran really well and showed determination to complete the course. We are proud of you all!

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  • Just One Tree Day

    Published 17/10/23

    Like hundreds of school children across the world, the children of Galliard School helped to support One Tree Day by dressing up in green and donating £1. There were some fantastic outfits this year. Thank you to the families for all your support.

    A tree is planted for every pound raised. The trees absorb CO2 and make the world a better place. Well done to The School Eco Council for helping to collect the donations, even in the rain!

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  • Class Councillors 2023/24

    Published 04/10/23

    A school parliament is important because it  gives students an opportunity to participate directly in school life, experience governance and decision-making, and develop leadership and communication skills. It is an important part of the democratic culture of the school1. The school parliament is formed by a group of democratically elected students who represent the views of all students at the school1. It teaches children how democracy works and helps them to learn about democratic processes.

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  • Banji Alexander Visit

    Published 04/10/23

    On Friday 22nd September 2023, Galliard was delighted to welcome author and singer Banji Alexander into school. Banji spoke to the children about is journey to becoming a writer and his appearance on Britain's Got Talent.


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  • STEM Club

    Published 17/07/23

    Last week saw the launch of STEM club at Galliard.

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