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Black History Month

Thank you to everyone who entered the Black History Month Competition this year.

There were lots of amazing entries and it was really hard to choose a winner. Here are the 3 winning entries from each year group and I’m sure you’ll all agree that their work is fantastic.

Year 1

Winner – Elisa

2nd place – Sofia

3rd place – Koray


Year 2

Winner – Anamaria

2nd place – Niamh

3rd place – Berat


Year 3

Winner – Mila

2nd place – Riya

3rd place – Rahnie


Year 4

Winner – Kaiden

2nd place – Shannon

3rd place – Amirah


Year 5

Winner – Kyrah

2nd place – Jochebed

3rd place – Rahnie


Year 6

Winner – Katie

2nd place – Chidubem

3rd place – Daniella