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Last week saw the launch of STEM club at Galliard.

The children’s first project was to make a robotic arm/grabber!  This involved learning about the properties of a rhombus and the functions of a lever and a pivot.  The children thoroughly enjoyed making their models and testing them out by trying to pick up a pom pom.  They then came up with ideas of what they could use their robotic arm for at home. We're looking forward to seeing what the children will be making next week!

"I enjoyed making the pivots and the levers for the grabbers and it was so much fun testing it out with the pom pom. When I got home, I used my grabber to pick up some trash from the floor and I put it in the bin."

Morgan, 6P

"I love learning about making things because I'm a DIY person. In STEM club you can learn and make things at the same time."

Kayan, 6P

"I really liked it because when I grow up, I want to be an engineer and so this club is helping me to learn lots about it."

Nischal, 6P

"It was lots of fun and I loved making the robotic arm with the levers and I liked using it at home."

Hanisha, 5T


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