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Class Councillors 2023/24

A school parliament is important because it  gives students an opportunity to participate directly in school life, experience governance and decision-making, and develop leadership and communication skills. It is an important part of the democratic culture of the school1. The school parliament is formed by a group of democratically elected students who represent the views of all students at the school1. It teaches children how democracy works and helps them to learn about democratic processes.

We were very excited to hold our School Parliament elections on Friday 29th September 2023 . The children enjoyed casting their votes and I am pleased to announce that the following children in Year 6 have been elected to head up the different families.

Family 1:

Kyrah Francis

Tamzin Abdi

Family 2:

Hanisha Damree

Eray Canpolat

Family 3:

Ayoub Chafai

Nooriyah Hussain