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Our Black History Month 2023 competition winners are..........

It was a pleasure to meet the winners of the BHM research competition today and for them to talk me through their entries. Each of the winners were delighted to receive a book as their prize today. I hope they enjoy reading them and that they know how proud we are of all of them.

Sofia in 2K made a posterboard about Floella Benjamin

Josephine in 2C made a great you tube video

Kuzey in 3C did some research on a lady called Creola Katherine Coleman who worked at Nasa

Scarlett Rose in Year 4 showed off her knowledge of Mary Seacole  and created a model of a hospital complete with soldiers and a Mary Seacole

Shannon in 5M put together some fascinating facts about Dominique Dawes the first African American gymnast and her presentation of these was very creative

Riley in 6W was the final winner with his poster of Michelle Obama with her famous catchphrase..'When they go low, we go high'. If someone is cruel or acts like a bully, you don't stoop to their level.


Congratulations to you all.