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Galliard will reopen to all pupils on Monday 7th September

Tate Britain

Dear Parents and Carers of children in Year 5,


It seems like a lifetime ago, but back in the summer of 2018 the children who are now in Year 5 had their class photograph taken as part of the Tate Britain and Steve McQueen Year 3 exhibition.  Due to the Covid19 pandemic the closing date for the exhibition has been extended to 31st January 2021.  If you and your family would like to visit the exhibition, it’s free to enter, but you do need to obtain tickets in advance.  Please see the VISITS page of their website before you plan to go for further information.  In the exhibition there are hundreds of photographs, but none of them are labelled.  Can you find ours?  If you need some help, try looking in section 8!  Have fun and please come and tell me and Mrs O’Halloran all about it if you go. 



Mrs Radakovic.