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Galliard Primary School

Galliard Primary School

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Welcome New Reception

Dear Parents,


We are looking forward to welcoming all our Reception children to Galliard over the next two weeks. Your teacher will have confirmed your child's start day with you already and we hope that they are excited about starting.


We have been monitoring our beginning and end of day arrangements and we have made some adjustments so please take a moment to read the information below.


Start of day:

Reception children will enter via the field gate near the staff carpark from 8.45-8.55. There is a 10 minute window so we should be able to avoid some congestion issues. There is matting laid down on the ground to provide a path across the grass. Please make your way towards the classrooms and spread along the pathway. You are responsible for the supervision of your children until they are safely in the classroom with our staff. Reception is the only year group using this gate so please line up alongside the fence next to the school on Galliard Road to allow other pedestrians  to pass by easily. 


If you are able to walk to school, please do. This is great exercise for the whole family and helps to reduce parking issues in and around Galliard Road. We ask that everyone coming to school is considerate of the local residents and does not park in their private driveway or across the driveway.


End of day:


At the end of day all Reception children and parents can leave via the main school gate.


We will continue to monitor our arrangements and make some further adjustments as required.


Kind regards,

Mrs Clifford

Acting Headteacher