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Art & Design

We believe that the teaching of Art is integral to our pupils’ creative development providing them with learning and experiences often beyond their sphere of knowledge. It is vital in leading them to an appreciation of human creativity and achievement, which they may not otherwise encounter. We intend to engage, inspire and challenge pupils, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of art, craft and design. We will focus on drawing and painting as key skills to develop as they progress through the school and these will be intentionally taught in each year group, ensuring that our children are competent in these skills by the time they leave the school.

We believe it is important that our pupils recognise the impact art can have on different cultures, both their own and others. Therefore, they will be introduced to the work of key artists, working in different media, from around the world so that they are able to identify how art links to the historical and cultural development of the UK as well as other cultures.

Key concepts:

1) Mastering practical skills

Pupils will develop their procedural knowledge within; drawing and painting in particular as well as collage, sculpture, print, textiles and digital media.

They will develop their techniques in; colour mixing, sketching, shading and hatching, moulding and carving, layering and replicating to create patterns, weaving and stitching, editing and animation.

They will understand how to create effects through using light and shadow, pattern, movement and perspective and understanding the impact of colour mixing, adding white/black, layering colours, warm and cold colours, complementary and contrasting colours.

2) Taking inspiration

Pupils will learn to take inspiration from artists across the world and through time. They will be able to describe their work, replicate techniques and create original pieces influenced by their style. They will know some key styles and periods e.g. Art Deco, Surrealism, Impressionism. They will be able to recognise that common themes can appear in art e.g. love, war, religion, politics, inequality and have a powerful influence as a result.


Children will be introduced to new art related significant vocabulary which is commonly encountered in many other subjects and can be retained and transferred effectively.

Art Capital

The children will be introduced to key artists at each stage through the school from different ages, genders and cultures who work in different medias. They will visit art galleries, create their own art galleries and meet real-life artists to learn about their work.

Art Overview
Progression Documents
Skills progression from EYFS to Year 6