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Eco Council

Just One Tree Day (Update)

Following on from our Just One Tree Day in October, we received the following update:

Thank you so much for supporting JUST ONE Tree again this year so that together we can combat climate change and biodiversity loss.

Your school's 'forest' now stands at 923 trees and will continue to grow each time you join us.

Every £1 really does make a difference, so thank you, we really do appreciate it.
Your tree purchase will be supporting a reforestation project in one of the following countries:

Brazil, Madagascar, Mozambique, Nepal, Haiti, Indonesia, Kenya, Zambia

Because of your school, a further 419 seeds will be chosen and planted by our partners in one of their nurseries. Once the next rainy season is upon us, your seedlings will be transported to their carefully selected new homes, where they will be planted and nurtured over the coming years.

Your school's forest of 923 trees will remove approximately 284.28 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere over the next 25 years.   

Eco Council Herb Planting

Some of the members of Eco – Club had fun planting herbs in recycled milk bottles. We spoke about which herbs they liked and disliked and they chose the ones they wanted to plant. The children will be taking care of them over the coming weeks and are looking forward to seeing them grow.


Eco Council Ryman's Trip

The school's Eco Councillors had a great time visiting Ryman to recycle old pens. These pens will be melted down and used to make new products.