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Proud to be a part of
Children First Academy Trust

We thrive and achieve together.

Galliard Assistants

At Galliard we are committed to developing skills of citizenship, personal responsibility and care for one another.

There are a growing number of opportunities within school for children to become role models for others and to contribute to school life.

MPs and Class Councillors:

These are elected posts in the school and their job is to represent the views of the pupils and to work closely with the Family Lead Teacher and the Headteacher.  Regular meetings in school helps to ensure that pupil voice is given prominence in school and that children are also kept informed of the successes and challenges. This year they have been working on improving playtimes, lunchtime and the toilets as well as supporting with Friends of Galliard fundraising events.

Eco Councillors:

Children are elected from each class in KS2 and work hard to raise the profile of Eco matters across the school. They have also been involved in initiatives such ‘Plant just one Tree’ and a pen recycling project with Rymans.

Office monitors:

The children who support our office team with letter and message deliveries are invaluable.

ICT assistants:

A new role for Galliard. These computer minded individuals from KS2U support in the running of the most popular lunchtime club at Galliard- the ICT club.

Playground Friends:

These children from years 5 and 6 have applied for the role of Playground Friend and they support our dedicated lunchtime team out on the playground during KS2 lunchtime. They are ready to chat or play with someone if they are feeling lonely and generally encourage everyone to have an enjoyable lunchtime

Class Buddies:

The role of class buddy is very popular at Galliard. Children from years 5 and 6 have been selected to work with our younger children in EYFS and KS1. They support with reading and general classroom jobs. The younger children eagerly look forward to their visits.

Fruit monitors:

Each day our team of Fruit monitors deliver the fruit to EYFS and KS1.

Personal Assistants:

These children work closely with the headteacher- helping with displays, office admin and assisting alongside the School Parliament at school fund raising events.


The successful applicants for this role will undergo some basic librarian training and will support the school opening up the library during lunchtimes for book lending.

Dining Room monitors:

These children will support in the dining room with serving salad and water. They will also keep an eye on what dishes seem to be popular with the children. They will also encourage a calm and considerate attitude in this very busy eating space.

Reading Ambassadors:

Our able Year 6 children visit KS1 on a daily basis for 10 mins after SATs and support our children to develop their reading confidence.