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We thrive and achieve together.

Inclusion and SEND

At Galliard, we pride ourselves on being an inclusive school. We are committed to helping every child, including all children with SEND, to reach their full potential, to aim high - each to the best of their ability. We provide a broad curriculum that values and reflects our community.  

We value links between home, school and the wider community and offer an inclusive, stimulating and caring environment for every child. Our expectation is that children with SEND will receive an education that enables them to make progress so that they: 

  • Achieve their best 
  • Become confident individuals living fulfilling lives 
  • Make a successful transition into adulthood, whether into employment, higher education or training 

We make sure that all pupils with SEND get the support they need and this means doing everything we can to meet the pupils’ special educational needs. 

The Deputy Headteacher for Inclusion, Miss James and SENCo, Mrs Radakovic are on hand for advice, guiding parents through the EHCP process, referrals to outside agencies, assessments, child protection concerns and any other situations where parents and families need support. Pupils with SEND feel well supported, happy and make progress.  

As well as accessing the mainstream curriculum in the classroom, SEND pupils may receive targeted support as their needs require. Click here for our provision map. Our skilled and trained Teaching Assistants run these groups as well as HLTAs and teachers and we have many outside agencies involved with the school who can offer advice and some assessments. These include the Educational Psychologists, Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Dieticians, SWERRL and services from the Hearing -Service and the Visually Impaired Service.

Click here for our SEN flowchart at Galliard 

Please feel free to contact us if you feel that you’d like to discuss any issues that would help your child feel more included. 

Click here to view SEND Information Report June 2023

Galliard’s ARP 

Galliard is also very happy to have a Local Authority funded ARP (Additionally Resource Provision) which is known as Sunbeam. It provides excellent support for an additional 8 - 10 children in KS2 who have an EHCP (Education, Health, Care Plan) and complex needs. Formal places in the ARP are assigned by the Local Authority SEN Service in consultation with the school.  The school has two discretionary places that can be used for children with or without EHCPs.

Our aim for the ARP is to offer additional support in helping the children access the mainstream education and best prepare them for Secondary School and beyond. We want to create a happy, inclusive and inspiring environment with highly skilled and trained staff that help support children thrive and achieve their full potential. The children are supported by a teacher, HLTA and LTA. 

How do I know if my child would fit the criteria for an ARP? 

Specially (Additionally) Resourced Provisions (Known as ARPs in Enfield)

Additionally Resourced Provisions have different specialisms to cater for children and young people’s varied special educational needs and disabilities.  All students in an ARP will have an EHCP and be placed in the ARP through the Local Authority’s SEN Service.  ARPs are for students who can access a mainstream academic and social curriculum for parts of school day.  In Enfield, most ARPs are for children and young people with complex needs.  There are some ARPs for children with hearing impairments and speech and language resource bases (SLRBs) for students with Developmental Language Disorder.

Students who attend ARPs for complex needs:

  • Are likely to have a diagnosis of autism and/or present with significant social communication needs
  • Have moderate learning difficulties
  • May have sensory needs
  • Will be able to manage some of the demands of a mainstream environment
  • Will be able to manage some independent learning with structured visual support
  • May have difficulties with communication such as: limited non-verbal communication skills, difficulties with verbal comprehension, understanding abstract language and non-literal language, restricted, unusual use of language
  • May have difficulties with social interaction such as: not initiating or avoiding contact with others, inappropriate social and emotional behaviour
  • May have difficulties with thinking and behaviour such as: restricted imagination and inflexible thinking such as repetitive rather than imaginative play, fixed or limited areas of interest, difficulty coping with unplanned change
  • May have difficulty regulating emotions and/or associated mental health difficulties e.g. anxiety
  • May have difficulties with fine and gross skills
  • May need support in all areas of self-care including toileting and dressing (primary only)

All of the above needs will impact on access to the mainstream curriculum.

In most ARPs, the facilities will be in an allocated space within the school. Children and young people will be on the roll of the mainstream school and will be linked to a mainstream class.

Being a pupil at Galliard Primary School does not ensure your child a place at the ARP. This is done through Enfield SEND Services and is not based on school’s decisions or preferences.

If you would like to view the ARP then you can contact Acting SENCo Mrs Radakovic at the school. 

What support would my child receive in the ARP?

Many of the children within the resource base spend some of their time in the mainstream classroom, learning alongside their peers. The National Curriculum is differentiated and adapted to meet the children’s needs and ensure they can make progress in all areas. In class, teachers and teaching assistants use visual, auditory and kinaesthetic resources to enhance learning, as well as using symbols and pictures. Turn-taking, social interaction and other social skills are embedded in mainstream teaching, as well as being a focus for small groups. This is consistent with the strategies that are used in the ARP. 

Children share some playtimes and teaching with their mainstream peers. Within the ARP itself, children have opportunities to work on a one-to-one or small group basis with the specialist ARP teacher who is supported by an HLTA and LTA who are committed to improving the outcomes for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. Our aim is to equip the children to develop their independence and prepare for the next stage in their education and into adulthood. We weave necessary life skills and key academic lessons through the curriculum when the children are in school - this is then enhanced by the varied trips that we offer. This allows for a more bespoke learning experience, relating learning to real-life experiences and tailored to meet the children’s needs. We also have an outside area, sensory room and separate toilets, as well as an eating area to help the children to develop vital self-help and life skills. We use elements of the TEACCH priorities, PECs, visuals and zones of regulation as part of our toolkit to provide the very best learning environment.

At Galliard, we encourage working partnerships and supportive relationships between professionals, parents and the child. We understand that some families need support to access professionals, therefore we ensure an open dialogue is created where parents can feel comfortable and confident to approach us with concerns they may have to support them to make informed decisions about their child’s education. The SENCo works closely with families, outside agencies and professionals to allow the very best outcomes for the child to be achieved.

For information about SEND support in Enfield, please check the Enfield Local Offer: