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Proud to be a part of
Children First Academy Trust

We thrive and achieve together.


Our Galliard Primary School team includes:


                                                   Mrs C Clifford                     Mrs D James                   Mrs M Athanasi 

                                                    Headteacher            Deputy Head/Inclusion          Deputy Head


                 Mrs L Middleton                 Miss M Begum                 Mrs J Connway                 Miss A Pemberton 

              Yr5/6 Assistant Head      Yr3/4 Assistant Head       Yr1/2 Assistant Head        EYFS Assistant Head



Mrs S Radakovic



                                                                  Mr A Morris                                      Miss C KIng 

                                                                Site Manager                                 Office Manager 


                                                                 Mrs K Berman                            Mrs M Prygodicz

                                                                Family Worker                             Welfare Officer 

EYFS Teams

Mrs Budhabhai – Caterpillar Class

Miss Capaldi – Bumblebee Class

Mrs Davis – Butterfly Class

KS1 Teams

Year 1

Ms Harrington – Teacher

Miss Monani – Teacher

Miss Ravi-Varma – Teacher

Mrs Sarno – HLTA

Year 2 

Mrs Conway – Teacher

Miss McInerney – Teacher

Ms Pryor – Teacher

Mrs Altinok – HLTA

Lower Key Stage 2 Teams

Year 3

Miss Caliskan – Teacher

Miss Georgiou – Teacher

Ms Moses – Teacher

Ms Leppert – HLTA

Year 4

Miss Brown – Teacher

Miss Rebecca – Teacher

Mr Robinson – Teacher

Upper Key Stage 2 Teams

Year 5

Miss Boles – Teacher

Ms Middleton – Teacher

Ms Suleyman – Teacher


Year 6 

Miss Kilker – Teacher

Miss Olasoju – Teacher

Miss Wing – Teacher

Ms Valentine – HLTA

PPA & Non Class Based Team

PPA Team

Miss E Jollife  - Music Teacher

Coach Matthew  - Impact Sports 


Non Class Based Teachers

Miss Kadem - Teacher & Math Lead

Mrs Carrington - Teacher & Science Lead 

Nurture & My Space Team

Mrs N Prendergast - HLTA

Mr A Mitchell - Behaviour Specialist 

Teaching & Learning Support Team

Early Years Team

Miss Page

Mrs Bellikli

Mrs Opoku

Mrs Matheou

Mrs Kesen

Mrs Gucbas

Miss Gosai

Mrs Cenkci

Mrs Oza

Miss Lee

Mrs Smith

Mrs Georgiou

Miss Brown 


Key Stage 1 Team

Miss Abdi

Miss Panayi

Miss Taylor

Miss Wright

Mrs Sarno

Lower Key Stage 2

Ms Asskoumi

Ms Bokock

Mrs Fletcher

Miss Kennedy

Miss Sarno

Upper Key Stage 2

Mr Lillis

Mr Mitchell

Ms Mohabir

Miss Syjud

Office & Site Teams

Miss C King – Office Manager

Mrs M Backory – Attendance Officer

Mrs K Berman – Family Worker & Admissions

Mrs N Brooks – Admin Officer

Miss R Begum – Receptionist


Mr A Morris - Site Manager 

Mr M Bascombe - Assistant Site Manager 



Mrs Millen – HLTA

Mr Berman – Support Staff

Mrs Gorolini – Support Staff



Ms Latchman – HLTA

Mrs Begum – Support Staff

Lunchtime Team

Playleaders Team

Ms Adem

Miss Byrne

Miss Cormier

Miss Esposito

Miss Hamza

Miss McNamara

Muss Oruc

Miss Economou

Mrs Reid

Miss Morris

Mrs Faruk

Ms Abdi

Miss Brown

Lunchtime Supervisors Team

Mrs Reid - Supervisor

Miss Mills