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Year 1


Year 1 - Geography (December 2023)

In Geography we have been learning about the four countries and surrounding seas of the United Kingdom. The children have been using atlases to locate the countries on maps as well as the seas. We have also identified the seven continents of the world and the children produced a 'me on the map' flipbook which shows where we are in the world. 


Animal Visit - 13.12.23

We had the animals come and visit us at school, the keeper of the animals was called Laura. She has over 100 unusual pets at her home. She makes sure she feeds them, cleans their cages and takes them to the vets when needed. She also takes them on to visits to schools and provides them for TV shows.

Laura brought in some amazing animals for us to see. We had a python, a tarantula, a skunk and an owl.




KS1 Pantomime 

It's that time of year again. 'Oh, no it isn't!' The children were thoroughly entertained by this year's pantomime. Lots of fun and laughter had by all. 


Year 1 Christmas Performance 

Well done Year 1's for an amazing performance of 'Jesus' birthday party'! Your singing, acting and telling of the story was FANTASTIC!