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Year 2

2P Trip to Capel Manor

On Wednesday 19th June 2024, 2P visited Capel Manor College.  While there, we took part in a session where we learnt all about the plants and flowers found in the gardens there.  We were able to retrieve our science knowledge to find out even more about plants.  We visited the maze and managed to find our way to the middle and climb the tower! We also visited the fairy garden and saw lots of different fairies.

We even managed to see Sunny the Meerkat! We were all very excited to see him watching for predators!



2C Library Visit 

A great trip to the library was had by 2C. The children took their time choosing books, sitting and sharing books with each other, quietly reading alone and listening to a story. 


Year 2 Science - Autumn Minibeast Hunt

In science this term, we went on an autumn minibeast hunt.  We explored under logs and found slugs (including an albino slug), slug eggs, a millipede, a spider and woodlouse:

"It's the best place to find minibeasts because they are protected from the birds."

"Under the logs, it is wet and worms and slugs need to stay wet or they will die."

"There is lots of food for the creatures under the logs." 

"They can stay safe."

"The mini beasts are protected from other animals and they can get food and water."

"On top of the bark is dry, under the bark is wet.  Wet is best for minibeasts."



KS1 Pantomime

It's that time of year again. 'Oh, no it isn't!' The children were thoroughly entertained by this year's pantomime. Lots of fun and laughter had by all. 



Year 2 Channukah assembly to parents was a great success. The children told the story of Channukah in loud clear voices and sang beautifully. All who saw it were very proud of their performance. 


Mary Seacole 

What a wonderful session Year 2 had with 'Mary Seacole', through role play and drama, they furthered knowledge and understanding of a significant person in history.