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Recent Events

Book Gifting


At Galliard we love reading and know how important it is to champion this for all our pupils. We are looking to update our book stock in our library and felt that this was the perfect opportunity to gift some of our ​much-loved books to our KS1 children to help them begin to build their own libraries at home.


The children were so excited to be able to browse and select some books, they even brought along their brothers and sisters. We hope that the children enjoy their new books and stay hooked on reading!


1 in 11 disadvantaged children in the UK say that they don’t have a book of their own.

Children who say they have a book of their own are six times more likely to read above the level expected for their age than their peers who don’t own a book (22% vs. 3.6%)


National Literacy Trust



NSPCC Assembly - Speak Out Stay Safe


Year 4 enjoyed an online safety assembly which featured Ant and Dec. The children met Buddy, a friendly, green speech bubble who believes that children should be able to speak out to someone if they are ever worried or unhappy. Thank you NSPCC! 

Christmas Dinner


Children and staff enjoyed a lovely Christmas meal with music and fun.


ECO Workshop


Our Eco Council attended an afternoon Eco Workshop at which they created a range of posters for use in school to support our ‘Wipe out Waste’ theme.

They also listened to an informative presentation about rubbish delivered by representatives from Enfield Council.

After the Workshop, the Enfield Council team handed out recycling information leaflets to parents and carers by the School Gate.



Virtual Visit by Nick Sharratt


On Friday Years 1 and 2 enjoyed a wonderful virtual author visit by Nick Sharratt. 

The children heard him read some of his stories - 'Shark in the Park', 'You Choose' and his new story 'Oh no, Shark in the Snow'. 

The children also had an opportunity to become illustrators and drew some wonderful pictures of a shark, a crab, a snail and many more. 

Thank you, Puffin Books for this great opportunity for the children!



Eco Councillors Tree Planting 


Our Eco Councillors were privileged to take part in a historic reforestation project when they planted oak and cherry saplings in Botany Bay in early December. Their sterling efforts were witnessed by the Deputy Mayor of London for Environment and Energy, the head of and members of Enfield Council and members of Thames 21.

“I liked it a lot because if we grow more trees, the trees will take away the bad air and then we will have clean air,” said Arvellys of 4P. “When we were digging, I didn’t expect to find  beetle larva. That was great!”

“I had a really nice time because I liked digging the holes,” commented Sonny of 5DO. “Fitting the plastic protective cover was the hardest bit.”

“It was exciting because I’ve always wanted to plant trees,” added 6O’s Victoria. 

All 12 of our Councillors considered the day educational, fun and saw how important it is to help tolook after our local area. It is hoped that our Eco Assistants will be able to plant some more trees at the site in 2022.


Thames 21 is working in partnership with Enfield Council to create one of London’s newest woodlands in Enfield Chase.


If you would like to take part in the project, which is open to members of the public, follow the link below.

Trees for rivers: a new woodland for London - Thames21



Harvest Festival at Galliard


Thank you all for your kind food donations during our Harvest Thanks Giving. 

Our vice captains accompanied myself (Mrs Conway) and Mrs Dettmer to the food bank to deliver the donations and were very quickly put to work sorting the food.


 Caterpillar Class Story Time & Rhyme Time


Some of the Mummies joined us this week for rhyme time.

We are so proud of how well our 2 year olds have settled into Nursery life and wanted to share this.

The children engage enthusiastically in these sessions whilst being sensitively supported by the Nursery Practitioners.



1, 2, 3, Do the Dinosaur


We have been loving our '1,2,3 do the Dinosaur' book and explored lots of dinosaur related activities, such as making fossils out of salt dough or creating dinosaur footprints.

We have been acting out '1,2,3 do the Dinosaur' story and made our own versions. Every child received their own copy of the book to share with their families at home.



Virtual Visit by Jacqueline Wilson


On Friday we enjoyed a wonderful virtual author visit by Jacqueline Wilson.     Thank you to Puffin Books for this great opportunity. We thoroughly enjoyed hearing about her story ideas and finding out about the writing process. It was definitely a magical experience for our children.  We also found out about Rachel Dean who is Jacqueline Wilson's new illustrator...  📚 🌈



Black History Month Competition

October was a month to celebrate Black History and the children at Galliard did exactly that. Children were asked to think about their Black History Hero and present the information in a creative way. There were lots of amazing entries – we had posters, poems, factual reports, videos and some children even made models. It is clear that there are lots of inspiration Black Heroes, some even living in our communities. Choosing the winners wasn’t easy as all children put lots of effort into their entries.


Here are a list of the winners in each year group and their work. I’m sure you’ll agree that their work is fantastic!


Year 2

1st place – Sidal

2nd place – Arsema

3rd place – Elias  

Year 3

1st place – Lesa

2nd place – Tamirah

3rd place – Shannon

Year 4

1st place – Hooriya

2nd place – Michael

3rd place – Ronny

Year 5

1st place – Chidubem

2nd place –  Keyaan

3rd place – James    

Year 6

1st place – Sawda

2nd place – Victoria  

3rd place – Jahshya  


Well done to all those who entered and Congratulations to our winners!

Year 2 1st place

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Year 2 2nd place

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Year 2 3rd place

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Anti-Bullying Workshop


Children in Year 5 took part in an anti-bullying workshop. Below are statements from some of the children.


Evie- I enjoyed the bullying workshop because we acted out different scenes to do with power imbalances and bullying. I had fun with my group. It is important to stop bullying people.


Asya- I learnt in the bullying workshop that bullying is when something happens again and again and it is on purpose. Sometimes people bully others because they are jealous. 


Christiano- We watched a video showing a power imbalance between 4 friends playing an online game. One friend started to bully another because she wasn't happy in the game, and then others joined in. We acted as different characters and showed a power imbalance.



Year 3 and 4 Breakfast Cafes

We welcomed children and parents to join us at the breakfast cafe.

The children were so excited to have their parents come into school and really enjoyed sharing their books with them today.

Raising the profile of reading has been a priority for the school and the children treated us all to a fantastic reading song which they have learnt in assemblies this term.

Year 3 & 4 Parent Workshop - Reading

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Year 2 Reading Cafe

We had an impressive turnout for our Reading Cafe in year 2.

Year 2 children across the country will be carrying out their phonics screening check this half term and I felt very proud when all our year 2 children joined in the speed sound lesson led by Ms Kiran and showed off the progress they have made with phonics since September. 

Year 2 Parent Workshop - Reading

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Read Write Inc. workshops in Year 1

Thank you to all our Year 1 parents who were able to join us for our RWI phonics workshops. In Year 1 the children are  building on their knowledge of sound and are using this knowledge to support them in their early reading.

Thank you to all the children who joined us in the hall to show the parents what a speed sound lesson looks like in the classroom.

You were amazing!

Year 1 - Reading and Phonic Workshop

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Parent workshops


It has been lovely to welcome parents back into school. We have been doing a series of workshops and story cafes for children across the school this half term which have focused on reading.

Learning how to read is the single most important thing that we will teach children at primary school.

It is a gateway skill, that once mastered, helps to open up the curriculum for the children. As with all newly acquired skills it requires practice.

We thank all our parents and carers for encouraging their children to read regularly and for championing story time at home.

Getting children hooked on books and feeling successful as readers will have a far reaching impact in the years ahead.



The Autumn Reading Challenge


On our return in September the children in Years 1-6 embarked on a 6 week Autumn Reading Challenge. The children recorded the books they read on a record sheet and received prizes along the way to encourage them to continue. After 3 books they received a sticker, after 6 books a bookmark and after 12 books a badge. So many children reached this stage that more badges had to be ordered which was very encouraging. After 18 books they received a certificate and by 24 a golden certificate. If the children managed to get to 30 books which was quite a challenge, they received a medal which you can see some proudly wearing in the photos below. In addition to this with each prize came the opportunity to enter a raffle. The winner of the raffle in each class has had the chance to choose a book and they will be receiving those very soon.


It was wonderful to see how excited the children were getting about reading and thank you to all the parents who have supported the children with this.


The longer children keep an enjoyment of reading going, the greater the benefits are in the classroom


Children who enjoy reading and writing are happier with their lives


National Literacy Trust




It doesn’t matter what you read but you MUST read a lot!




Last half term Year 3 had a real treat when they met ‘real life’ author, Andy Shepherd for a virtual visit. The children have been listening to Andy’s book, ‘The Boy who grew dragons’, the first book of a series that follows the adventures of Tomas, his friends and their collection of naughty dragons.

Andy showed the children around her writing room which was full of dragons and we even found out that she likes to write her stories while bouncing on a giant swiss ball! Andy had some great advice for the children too. She told them that it doesn’t matter what you read but it important that you READ A LOT and even spend time listening to audio books too.

She said as a child she loved to use her imagination to escape into new worlds and it is that sense of magic that she has tried to put into her own books. She always dreamed of becoming a writer but she had been too scared to try for a very long time. She told the children to dream big and to do something about those dreams.

Every story started with a what if…

What if I turned on the light and shrunk?

What if the book I am reading sucked me in?

What if inside every acorn grew a fairy?

Can you think of a ‘What if yourself?’



Andy Shepherd Author of The Boy Who Grew Dragon

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Black History Month Competition

October is Black History Month and at Galliard we love to celebrate our diverse and rich culture throughout the year and October is a time to focus on Black History.


For information on our Black History Month Competition click here and take a look at our Year 6 children video above.






House Captains Afternoon Tea


Mrs Clifford our Headteacher met with our newly elected house captains and enjoyed a spot of afternoon tea.

They are a real credit to the school, polite, enthusiastic and articulate.




Reading Challenge - Mrs Clifford

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County Lines

Our Year 5 & 6 loved @CountyLinesUK

workshop with @LeoPowell_

Thank you #countylines