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At Galliard, we want to build on our children’s knowledge and understanding of the world they live in. We want to enthuse their natural awe and wonder and encourage their natural curiosity so that, by the time they leave us, they are ready to take on the secondary science curriculum with confidence and success.


We follow the National Curriculum for the teaching of science and children learn through focusing on the key scientific concepts of:


  • Developing their scientific knowledge
  • Using skills to work scientifically
  • Scientific enquiry


We have also built into our science curriculum, a responsibility to build ‘science capital’ for our children, providing experiences and learning opportunities beyond the confines of the National Curriculum and the classroom which they otherwise would not have. This includes introducing them to scientists from different times and cultures, meeting scientists in action, developing our outdoor environment and organising trips within their local area and beyond.


As the children move through the school, from Early Years to Year 6, their scientific knowledge and skills will deepen as they encounter them in more depth. Revisiting and making links to past learning is important so that children can increase their knowledge and skills in science and develop a broader understanding of the subject.


Vocabulary enrichment runs through our whole curriculum and science provides an excellent opportunity to develop vocabulary that can be used in many other subject areas. We are also looking to work closely with STEM AMBASSADORS this year. Through accessing webinars and in-school visits our children have the opportunity to meet experts in the fields related to what they are studying in the classroom. We want to generate an enthusiasm for the science and for children to begin to recognise the importance of STEM subjects in life and in careers that they may be interested in pursuing in the future.


Year 4 were studying Animals including humans and took part in a webinar with a doctor and a vet. Here are some of the questions they were able to ask the experts.


  • How are animal’s teeth different to each other depending on what they eat?
  • What parts are in the digestive system of a human and what do they do?
  • Why are human teeth different shapes? 




Click here for our science progression map for working scientifically

Click here for our science progression in knowledge

Click here for our year group overviews which show the key learning at each stage in science.

Click here for the Trust’s science intent

Click here for our progression in vocabulary


🔬👩‍🔬 Sublime Science 👨‍🔬🔭  


This week a company called Sublime Science visited Galliard where the whole school participated in some awe-inspiring science workshops.   


Year 6 pupils found out about the company and wrote some persuasive letters to Mrs Clifford asking if she could arrange for them to visit our school.  Their persuasive techniques were successful and the children have certainly gained a lot from their visit!  



Nursery and Reception enjoyed a spectacular assembly where they watched in awe as smoke rings floated across the room and the presenter made elephant’s toothpaste!   


“The smoke came out like sonic rings!” (Isa, Butterfly Class) 


Year 1 learnt about different types of forces including gravity and observed a tin can being crushed by air pressure. They also looked at spinning forces and made mini tornadoes. 


“I liked it when the can got squashed – it was cool!” (Kalina, 1R) 

“I liked it when the big ball floated up because I thought it wouldn’t go up because it was too heavy.” (Jaiveer, 1R) 


Year 2 observed some chemical changes, had a go at launching rockets and watched a water rocket launch high up into the school grounds. 


I liked it when he puffed air inside a bottle and it went really high in the sky!” (Elif, 2K) 


Years 3 and 4 were amazed at some chemical reactions that were used as part of a magic trick and also made their own slime. 


“It was so fun and amazing – I liked the bit where the water in the cup turned into a solid so it wouldn’t go in the next cup.” (Sophia, 4S) 

“The scientist was funny and did magic tricks.  It was fun making slime – I’ve always wanted to do make it.  It felt like jelly.”  (Furkan, 4S) 


Years 5 and 6 made sherbet using icing sugar, bicarbonate of soda and citric acid and learnt about the importance of accurately measuring out chemicals to get the correct mix.  They also learnt about different types of forces. 


“We learnt the names of different forces like centrifugal force and centripetal force and saw how opposing forces act together.” (Kevin, 6M) 

"We did an amazing experiment where we enjoyed combining sweet, sour and bitter tastes to make Sherbet, I didn’t know that’s how some sweets were made.” (Leena, 6M) 


Thank you to Sublime Science for a memorable couple of days which has sparked the children’s curiosity! 

Sublime Science at Galliard