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Galliard will reopen to all pupils on Monday 7th September

Teaching & Learning Support Staff, Playground and Dining Hall Staff

EYFS Practitioners

Mrs Smith
Mrs Budhabhai
Miss Dunya
Mrs Gucbas
Mrs Matheou
Mrs Opoku
Miss Page
Mrs Smith
Mrs Weekes
Miss Gosai
Miss Lawton
Miss Lee
Mrs Oza
Mrs Thakariya
Mrs Georgiou
Mrs Kesen
Miss Taylor
Ms Begum
Mrs Begum
Mr Berman
Miss Foreman
Miss Latcham

Year 1

Mrs Altinok
Mrs Fletcher
Miss Kennedy
Mrs Prygodzicz
Mrs Ruddy
Miss Sarno

Year 2

Mrs Sarno
Miss Abdi
Mrs Bocock
Mrs Panayi

Year 3

Mrs Georgiou
Miss Roberts

Year 4

Ms Asskoumi
Mrs Gorolini
Mr Lillis
Mrs Mohabir

Year 5

Mrs Soteriou
Mr Mitchell
Miss Hussey
Miss Syjud
Mrs Vazquez-Carregal

Year 6

Ms Valentine
Ms Leppert
Ms Arslan
Mrs Aytug
Mrs Man
Miss Mascoll

Playground Staff

Mrs Cagoglu - Senior Playleader
Mrs Bellikli - Playleader
Miss Byrne - Playleader
Miss McNamara - Playleader
Miss Oruc - Playleader
Mrs Panayi - Playleader
Mrs Sulima -Playleader
Miss Wilkinson - Playleader
Mrs Wright - Playleader

Dining Hall Staff

Mrs Reid - Lunchtime Spervisor
Mrs Esposito - Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs McKenna - Lunchtime Assistant
Miss Mills - Lunchtime Assistant