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Year 2

Welcome to the Year 2 page of the Galliard Website. Below you will find information about what Year 2 will be learning through-out the year as well as some pictures and information about just some of our learning activities.


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Click here to view our Summer Term 2022 Curriculum Statement and Newsletter for Year 2


Click here to view our Spring Term 2022 Curriculum Statement and Newsletter for Year 2


Year 2 SATS

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📖 World Book Day Celebrations 🌍


Have you ever read a book without seeing the front cover and not having any idea what the story is about. During World Book Day this is just what we did. Once the story was read the children were story detectives and using clues from the story, they created their own front cover and title. Didn't they do well.


Our Penguin Chick 🐧 


Another surprise! We received another parcel and look what was inside. Our very own penguin chick. Of course, we had to say thank you for such a kind gift so we wrote a letter to Papa Penguin.


➗ Maths ✖️

Year 2 have been working hard in Maths this half term. The children have been using the Maths resources to help them understand how to multiply and divide by 2, 5 and 10. 


🔥 History 🔥


An historian from the Epping Forest Museum visited Year 2. She came to find out what we had learnt about the Great Fire of London. WOW was she was impressed with our knowledge. We became history detectives, using clue cards we had to find locations on maps of London before and after the Great Fire.  Interestingly she explained that much of what we know can't be proved, however, she did show us a document that did prove there was a bakery in Pudding lane. Finally, she showed us a strange looking object. It was a water sprinkler used to sprinkle water on the floor to stop sparks causing a fire on the wooden floor. 



In art we were printing patterns using objects.

First we created a pattern then made our printing blocks by cutting shapes out of card and then onto recreating our design in print.



Hunting the school grounds for micro-habitats. Here are a couple of places we found leaf litter, which was damp underneath and a bush, a great place for a spider to build its web.



Letters written to Papa Penguin. Now he won't worry about his egg.


We used a non-fiction text to gather information about penguins and created these fact files. We know a lot about penguins now. 


 Penguin Quiz 🐧


What a fun way to develop our comprehension skills. A quiz! Round the classroom we went looking for the answers to our penguin questions. A great way to learn, especially as we didn't have to sit at a table to do this activity. 


 Penguin Egg 🐧


Year 2 were very excited when they came back from the Christmas holidays and received a parcel all the way from Antartica! Inside this snow-covered parcel was a very precious egg- a penguin egg! 


You might know this already but when the egg has been laid it is the turn of the male penguin to look after it and keep it safe until it hatches. Unfortunately, Papa Penguin had hurt his wing and had lost all the other penguins during a snowstorm. Luckily, he knew Galliard Year 2 children were very kind and he has asked them to look after the egg until it hatches.


Year 2 have been brilliant at finding just the right spot in the classroom for the egg, cozy to remind the little egg of Papa Penguin's pouch but cool enough to remind him of his birthplace Antartica. They have also been writing him letters to keep him up to date on all the news.



Bridge Builders of the Future


Task: To choose the most appropriate paper to make a bridge that will take the weight of a toy car.

Designing and Assembling

The Bridges Completed


Year 2 Reading Cafe


We had an impressive turnout for our Reading Cafe in year 2.

Year 2 children across the country will be carrying out their phonics screening check this half term and I felt very proud when all our year 2 children joined in the speed sound lesson led by Ms Kiran and showed off the progress they have made with phonics since September. 

Year 2 Parent Workshop - Reading

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