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Year 3

Welcome to the Year 3 page of the Galliard Website. Below you will find information about what Year 3 will be learning through-out the year as well as some pictures and information about just some of our learning activities.


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Click here for Year 3 curriculum map 2022-2023




During this webinar Lucy Hawking introduced her brand-new series and climate activist heroine Princess Olivia. She spoke about her real-life adventures. The children wrote about what interested them most about this author and identified one thing they would like to try from the webinar.



💡 Science🔆


Our new topic for this half-term is ‘Light’. The children have looked at what is a light source and what is not a light source. They are beginning to recognise that we need light to see things. They have carried out an experiment to investigate how light travels, by shining a torch through holes in a cardboard box. 


⚔ History 🐃


Year 3 have begun their new topic in history on ‘The Iron Age’. They have looked back at their previous learning in KS1 and placed these topics on a timeline. They then used their previous knowledge and what they know about the ‘Stone Age’ to create a timeline using dates and pictures to help them order.


🥪 D&T 🥪


Linked to our ‘healthy schools’ philosophy, during D&T lessons Year 3 researched, designed and created a healthy sandwich. The children considered the main stages in making the product and developed a clear sequence to make the sandwich. Finally, they enjoyed eating them!




During our French lessons we have been learning to say, write and respond to greetings such as ‘Hello’, ‘Goodbye’, How are you?’ and ‘What is your name?’.

We have also learned numbers 1 – 10 and the names of musical instruments and classroom objects, playing games to help our learning.


👨‍🌾 Capel Manor Gardens Trip 🎍


Year 3 enjoyed an exhilarating couple of days at Capel Manor Gardens and explored the amazing 30-acre estate with 40 colourful gardens as part of our science topic of ‘Plants’. We consolidated what we have learnt so far with some fun activities and through exploring the gardens and asking many scientific questions, we were able to learn so much more. We even had a picnic in one of the beautiful gardens. Thank you to the wonderful staff at Capel Manor Gardens for bringing our science topic to life and making it a memorable day.


💻 Computing 🖱


In computing Year 3 have looked at ‘Data & Information’. The children have continued to develop their understanding of ordering objects/images in a branching database structure. They have learned how to use an online database tool to arrange objects into a branching database, and have created their own questions with yes or no answers. They have showed that their branching database works through testing and working collaboratively together.



🌱 Plants 🌱


In our Year 3 topic ‘plants’, we have been carrying out science investigations about the functions of different parts of a plant. Our genre in English has been ‘Explanation Writing’, where through our Talk 4 Writing actions, we have been writing about how to take care of a plant.

Plants Year 3




In Year 3 we have been having lots of fun learning about fractions. We had a ‘Fraction card hunt’ in the school grounds and used this fun activity to help our understanding of equivalent fractions back in class. We have also been working out what ‘half’, ‘third’ and a ‘quarter’ of a shape or a quantity looks like using paper strips and pictorial representations. Finding a route through a maze of ‘1/3 representations and images’ was also a great activity to show our understanding of fractions.



🎼 Music 🎵


Year 3 have been learning about rhythm and pace. They have investigated how they can use not only their voices, but also their bodies to produce sounds and how to keep a beat. Together they have used their bodies to create this amazing sound. See what you think! Enjoy!

Music 1




During our poetry unit Year 3 have been exploring rhyme, similes, alliteration and performance. We have worked hard to combine the rhythmical beats in music to help us with performing our poem. Sit back and relax as we share ‘The School Kid’s Rap by John Foster’.

Music 2



✍ Virtual Author Visit with Chris Smith 📚


Today, Y3 children met Chris Smith, the author of Frankie Best Hates Quests. Thank you to Puffin books for an engaging morning. We thoroughly enjoyed listening to Chris reading an extract from his book and him inspiring us by sharing his storytelling secrets. Did you know that drawing a map of the world his characters will roam through is the start of his story writing? Thank you Chris Smith for being a great inspiration to our budding authors and illustrators.


📖 World Book Day Celebrations 🌍


Wow! What an amazing World Book Day we’ve had in Year 3. We kicked off our day with a live presentation on ‘How to use your imagination’. We were entertained by a series of authors and illustrators which included Nathan Byron, Dapo Adeola, Simon Farnaby, Nadia Shireen, Joanna Nadin, Rikin Parekh and Micheal Morpurgo. Each author and illustrator gave us a little insight into how their minds work when preparing to write a book…super inspiring! The children were given a lesson on how to draw simple characters and they were really good at it. There was so much to do but the children really enjoyed their scavenger hunt, looking through books in their class library to find each item on the list…a witch, a bear, the moon. At the end of the day Lower Key Stage 2 and Upper Key Stage 2 paired up to listen to each-other read and showcase their reading skills, knowledge whilst applying their Destination Reader strategies. We had an amazing day and can’t wait to do it all over again next year.



 Forces & Magnets ⚛


In our science topic of Forces and Magnets, the children went to Jubilee Park to investigate the question – How important are forces in our everyday lives?


The children were armed with clipboards and a pre-made resource to make scientific predictions on which forces were in action when they were using the equipment in the park.


The children had a great time investigating and discussing the forces that play a significant role in our everyday lives e.g. gravity and friction.


Back in the classroom, the children discussed their original predictions and looked at the pictures and videos taken over the park and started to answer the question that they were investigating.

How important are forces in our everyday lives?

Year 3 Child on Glider

Year 3 Child on Slide

Year 3 Child on Slide 2


💻 Computing 🖱


In our computing topic in Year 3 we have been learning all about desktop publishing. The unit involved us learning about the layout, text, place holders, editing of the “front cover” of a magazine. The children first practised their skills using a template on some sugar paper to organise the layout of their front cover. Then after reviewing what they had created with their talk partner, they added any changes suggested to improve the design. Once they had started their individual projects, they had to apply all the skills they had learnt in the previous units to design the Front Cover for a “Stone Age” magazine which links to our topic in History.



In gymnastics, Year 3 have been learning stretching and curling, creating and performing sequences of contrasting actions, shapes and balances.


 Forces & Magnets 


As part of our Forces & Magnets unit of work we have been investigating friction by comparing how things move on different surfaces. The children set up a series of ramps, each with a different surface, and made predictions based on their findings and prior knowledge.  Once they had carried the fair test, they evaluated the results.  The children thoroughly enjoyed being scientists for the afternoon and carrying out their own investigations.


Virtual Visit by Jacqueline Wilson


On Friday we enjoyed a wonderful virtual author visit by Jacqueline Wilson. Thank you to Puffin Books for this great opportunity. We thoroughly enjoyed hearing about her story ideas and finding out about the writing process. It was definitely a magical experience for our children.  We also found out about Rachel Dean who is Jacqueline Wilson's new illustrator...  📚 🌈


Year 3 and 4 Breakfast Cafes


We welcomed children and parents to join us at the breakfast cafe.

The children were so excited to have their parents come into school and really enjoyed sharing their books with them today.

Raising the profile of reading has been a priority for the school and the children treated us all to a fantastic reading song which they have learnt in assemblies this term.

Year 3 & 4 Parent Workshop - Reading

Still image for this video


Andy Shepherd Author of The Boy Who Grew Dragon



It doesn’t matter what you read but you MUST read a lot!


Last half term Year 3 had a real treat when they met ‘real life’ author, Andy Shepherd for a virtual visit. The children have been listening to Andy’s book, ‘The Boy who grew dragons’, the first book of a series that follows the adventures of Tomas, his friends and their collection of naughty dragons.

Andy showed the children around her writing room which was full of dragons and we even found out that she likes to write her stories while bouncing on a giant swiss ball! Andy had some great advice for the children too. She told them that it doesn’t matter what you read but it important that you READ A LOT and even spend time listening to audio books too.

She said as a child she loved to use her imagination to escape into new worlds and it is that sense of magic that she has tried to put into her own books. She always dreamed of becoming a writer but she had been too scared to try for a very long time. She told the children to dream big and to do something about those dreams.


Every story started with a what if…

What if I turned on the light and shrunk?

What if the book I am reading sucked me in?

What if inside every acorn grew a fairy?

Can you think of a ‘What if yourself?’

Andy Shepherd Author of The Boy Who Grew Dragon

Still image for this video