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Year 4

Welcome to the Year 4 page of the Galliard Website. Below you will find information about what Year 4 will be learning through-out the year as well as some pictures and information about just some of our learning activities.


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Click here to view our Summer Term 2022 Curriculum Statement and Newsletter for Year 4


Click here to view our Spring Term 2022 Curriculum Statement and Newsletter for Year 4


Click here for Year 4 curriculum map 2022-2023


🐌 Science πŸ›


In science year 4 have been looking at the local environment to find, identify and name invertebrates using an Invertebrates Classification Key. They used their labelled diagram of an invertebrate that they found and then used an invertebrate classification key to demonstrate how they have identified their specimen by looking at its characteristics. 


🎨 Art 🎨


In Art year 4 have been looking at optical illusion. Children selected two portrait-oriented pictures so that one will turn into the other as we change our viewpoint. Children used pictures that related to their Science unit of work on Habitats. They had to draw parallel lines vertically at 2cm intervals on their pictures and then  cut along the lines that have been drawn. 

Then pupils took some A3 card and orientate it into a landscape position, then scored lines vertically at 2cm intervals, using scissors to score. 

Children then took the strips and stuck them onto the A3 card – alternating between strips from each picture, in sequential order.  

The pictures are particularly well viewed in a narrow corridor so that people see one photo from one direction and another from the other direction as they walk past. 


πŸ“œ History πŸ―


The children have been learning all about the Ancient Greek civilisation. They have been learning about the differences between two major city states, Athens and Sparta, and acted out a battle formation learning how to defend themselves from attack.


πŸ“šπŸ¦‰Year 4 Book Club πŸ¦‰πŸ“š


We started our Y4 Book Club with a mystery book. Our special book was wrapped up with clues in each layer.  Our book of the term is 'The Dam' by David Almond. Children enjoyed studying the illustrations by Levi Pinfold. This picture book tells the true story of a musician father and his daughter who, before the community is lost, enter each house in the valley and play music, sing and dance in each one.  This is a stunningly illustrated story of loss and hope. 


🍁🌳Our Nature Trail πŸŒ³πŸ‚


Year 4 have been learning about living things and their habitats. We enjoyed a lovely afternoon exploring nature and discovering a variety of insects. As a result, children have a good understanding of invertebrates and are beginning to classify living things. We have also developed our observation skills and have produced detailed annotations. We are so lucky to have such wonderful outdoor space. 


πŸ•‰ RE πŸ•‰


In year 4 we having been learning about the Hindu religion and looking at some of the ways that Hindus show devotion and worship to God in the mandir. 



πŸ’· Money Money Money πŸ’°


The children in Year 4 have been learning all about money. They have been working in a very practical way while learning how to add amounts of money, subtract amounts of money and how to make sure they give and receive the correct amount of change. A very important skill. 

⭐ Virtual Author Visit with Lucy Hawking β­
We were very fortunate to meet an amazing author, Lucy Hawking.  She is the daughter of the theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking! During the visit, Lucy Hawking introduced her latest story 'Princess Olivia Investigates the Wrong Weather' and spoke about how science inspires her to create exciting stories... Thank you to Puffin books for this amazing opportunity.  



Home Projects πŸ‘


Well done to all the children who produced some work at home to showcase their learning.  Children have been producing instruments to explore how vibrations produce sounds. We also explored pitch and volume.  Some children even produced some artwork to showcase their research on Ancient Greece.  Very creative pieces of home learning. 

In geography we have been learning about earthquakes. We used our knowledge to create some powerful poems in English and even performed them using actions. 

Class Earthquake Poem

Earthquake Poem

Still image for this video


βœ–οΈMultiplication Tables Check βœ–️


Year 4 have been busy learning their timetables.  Children are enjoying playing some fun activities to help them to recall the multiplication facts.  Well done to all our children who are busy preparing for their MTC tests.  Keep going... 


Click here for information regarding Year 4 Multiplication tables check



Maths - Decimals & Making the Whole 


The children in Year 4 were enjoying their Maths lesson on the topic of decimals and making the whole. They enjoyed playing a game (and earning team points) by matching two or three decimals to make the whole. They shows great team work and some excellent adding of decimals to earn their teams lots of points.


πŸ“šπŸ“š Storytime with Year 4 πŸ“šπŸ“š




In Year 4, we love reading and telling stories. Join us and enjoy some of our amazing stories. Reading aloud has been shown to improve reading, writing and communication skills and our children have really developed reading with expression.  Sit back and enjoy our wonderful stories!   


Jack Stalwart


Escape From Pompeii



🎨 Art Club πŸ’


In Year 4 art club the children have been busy making beautiful mother's day bouquets and spring baskets.



Design & Technology

Designing and Making a Salad 


For our D&T project, we have been learning about the wide variety of different salads available, the origins of some of them and the ingredients they contain. We have really understood how different salads can contribute to a healthy diet. Children have been learning about the different food groups and which foods provide a good source of energy.   We have expanded our food skills and sensory vocabulary by expressing taste preferences and explaining their reasons. In order to make our salad, we revised and practised hygiene rules, safe use of equipment and safe food storage.  Children planned their ingredient choices thoughtfully, considering the taste and the appearance of the product, and their criteria. Our junior chefs even evaluated their work and suggested ways of improving the taste.  We are definitely ready for Masterchef! πŸ‘¨‍🍳


πŸ’‚‍♂️ Visit to The British Museum πŸ›


Year 4 enjoyed a day at The British Museum and explored  the Mayan civilization and found out about objects from the ancient Mayan city of Yaxchilian. We looked at so many Mayan monuments and learned about their way of life.  We even had a picnic at Bloomsbury Park.  Click on the link below for a virtual visit.  Thank you to The British Museum for a great day!


πŸ“– World Book Day Celebrations πŸŒ


Celebrating World Book Day, the Y4 children watched a live event from the Cambridge Theatre in London – home of Mathilda The Musical. The children enjoyed hearing from many authors telling them about their journey of becoming writers. They also listened to these authors reading extracts from their books. A class favorite was Humza Arshad.  The children then went onto making their own origami mini story books.


🌍 Geography β—❗​​​​​​​


Year 4 were enjoying a Geography lesson learning all about Earthquakes. They worked as a small group to create a poster illustrating the dangers caused by Earthquakes around the world. The children created some great work in this lesson.


πŸ”Š Science πŸ”Š


Year 4 were excited to learn about the topic of Sound in our Science lesson. They used tuning forks to find out about how sound is caused by vibrations and then made their own telephone out of paper cups and string. They really enjoyed themselves while learning all about sound!

Zahra - Literacy Shed 
Year 4 have been writing a recount based on stories from other cultures. We studied the animated film and wrote our own recounts.   Watch the film to find out what happens to the main character.  Can you spot any fronted adverbials? We used lots of descriptive language and even joined up our handwriting.  

Zahra animated short film

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βœ–οΈβž• Fractions βž–βž—


We have been learning how to find equivalent fractions and used strips of paper to understand what fractions are equivalent to a half.  We have also used a fraction wall to identify fractions with the same value.  Our working wall supports us with our learning. Can you spot any keywords?  



🎸 Virtual Author Visit with Adam Hill πŸ”


Today, Y4 children met Adam Hill, the author of Rockstar Detectives.  Thank you to Puffin books for an entertaining morning. We thoroughly enjoyed listening to Adam reading an extract from his latest book and found out what inspired Adam’s book – including his career as a comedian and his love of music. Did you know his daughters helped him design the front cover?  Thank you Adam Hill for being a great inspiration! 


πŸ’» E-Safety πŸ‘Ύ


Y4 have been learning about E-Safety and created posters to promote online safety.  We have learnt about the SMART rules:



Y4 have enjoyed trying some of the activities from Children's Mental Health Wellbeing activities. We learnt that building a positive mindset at an early age will really support us when we are learning new tasks or when we face challenges in life. 


🏊‍♀️ Swimming πŸŠ‍♂️


Year 4 enjoying walking to Edmonton Green for our swimming lessons.

We learn to swim and achieve swimming awards.


πŸ€ PE Lesson πŸ


Year 4 enjoying a PE lesson in the hall. They are playing a game that combines many skills used in football, handball and basketball to ensure that all the children are learning new skills while having fun!




In French, Year 4 have been learning about items found in the classroom. The children have enjoyed playing games matching the pictures of a classroom object to the French word. This has helped them increase their French vocabulary while having great fun!


Science Investigation - Changing State


We have been learning about 'changing state' we set up observations to see how some materials change state when they are heated or cooled.  We also learnt how to use a thermometer to check the temperature of the water.  We love wearing our science lab coats! 

STEM Ambassadors


Year 4 were very lucky to meet a doctor and vet during a live webinar.  We asked some very interesting questions and discussed: 


  • How are animal’s teeth different to each other depending on what they eat?
  • What parts are in the digestive system of a human and what do they do?
  • Why are human teeth different shapes? 



Click here to view STEM Ambassadors Website

Computing in Y4 


We have been learning about podcasting. Children have been learning how to edit their work, add multiple tracks and opening and saving the audio files. 


⚽ Virtual Author Visit with Jeff Kinney βš½


Year 4 children thoroughly enjoyed a wonderful virtual visit by Jeff Kinney. We explored his latest book (The Big Shot) and he also showed us he creates his stories. He spends a lot of time editing his writing. Take a look at his very detailed writing book. What a wonderful insight for our children.

Part 1: Learning times tables 



Part 2: Developing written methods.  


Maths in Year 4 - Learning to Multiply and Divide


We have been using our maths resources to help us understand multiplication and division. We now feel more confident and we have been able to set out our calculations neatly. We definitely have some future mathematicians... βœ–οΈβž•βž–βž—πŸ“πŸ“


 NSPCC Assembly - Speak Out Stay Safe 


Year 4 enjoyed an online safety assembly which featured Ant and Dec. The children met Buddy, a friendly, green speech bubble who believes that children should be able to speak out to someone if they are ever worried or unhappy. Thank you NSPCC! 


Virtual Visit by Jacqueline Wilson


On Friday we enjoyed a wonderful virtual author visit by Jacqueline Wilson. Thank you to Puffin Books for this great opportunity. We thoroughly enjoyed hearing about her story ideas and finding out about the writing process. It was definitely a magical experience for our children.  We also found out about Rachel Dean who is Jacqueline Wilson's new illustrator...  πŸ“š πŸŒˆ


Year 3 and 4 Breakfast Cafes


We welcomed children and parents to join us at the breakfast cafe.

The children were so excited to have their parents come into school and really enjoyed sharing their books with them today.

Raising the profile of reading has been a priority for the school and the children treated us all to a fantastic reading song which they have learnt in assemblies this term.

Year 3 & 4 Parent Workshop - Reading

Still image for this video

Time for a walk in the orchard


Some children in Year 4 have been setting up observations over time. We carefully observed the different features of a tree. We will return at the end of the term to see how the tree has changed. Future scientists in the making

Year 4 Poetry Workshop


On Friday 15th October children in Year 4 enjoyed a poetry workshop with

@nealzetterpoet. Thank you to the team at 'Starfish Aspire and Shine' who delivered a wonderful poetry day.  Our children created magical poems. We definitely have some future poets...