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Year 5

Welcome to the Year 5 page of the Galliard Website. Below you will find information about what Year 5 will be learning through-out the year as well as some pictures and information about just some of our learning activities.


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Click here to view our Summer Term 2022 Curriculum Statement and Newsletter for Year 5


Click here to view our Spring Term 2022 Curriculum Statement and Newsletter for Year 5




🐎 English - Drama 🎭


This week in English we have been acting out scenes from The Highwayman through drama. The children enjoyed working in groups on the field, to bring the Highwayman to life. 



🌳 Forces at the Park 🤾‍♀️


Year 5 went to the park playground to investigate forces in action as part of their science topic. They tested out the different equipment and considered the effects of gravity, friction and more, whilst also having fun! 



🐎 The Highwayman 📘


5DO acted out different scenes from The Highwayman, and created freeze-frames to show pivotal moments. Can you work out which part of the story we are telling? 


🚨 Crumble in ICT 🚨


Today, in ICT we were coding crumble, which is an easy-to-use programmable controller. It can drive motors and make lights flash. In our lesson we were using a sparkle baton and we made a pattern that looked super cool - Sonny Class 5DO.



⛱ Forces in Action 


Year 5 have been learning about forces in action. Here, we were investigating air resistance. We created parachutes with varying diameters and tested the speed at which they fell. 

Forces in Year 5

Still image for this video



🦉 Literacy 📚


In Year 5, we love reading and telling stories. Join us and enjoy some of our amazing stories. Reading aloud has been shown to improve reading, writing and communication skills and our children have really developed reading with expression.  Sit back and enjoy extracts from our wonderful stories!

Eishna reading Pig Heart Boy

Ruby reading When Life Gives You Mangoes

Umar reading The Highwayman


STEM Webinar


Year 5 took part in a live STEM webinar all about the science of chocolate and food safety. They started by looking at the processes involved in chocolate making and then took part in a quiz where they had to use their mathematical skills to answer questions involving  fractions, percentages and parts of a circle, and their scientific skills to answer questions about circuits and states of matter. 


A food scientist who specialises in food safety spoke about all of the scientists involved in producing a pizza (these included plant breeders, veterinary doctors, chemists, microbiologists, laboratory specialists, process technologists, food safety and quality control, nutritionists, new product developers) 


She also answered some of the children’s questions including:

How can you become a food scientist?

How long does it take to study to become a food scientist?

How long does the whole process take to create a pizza? 

What makes a pizza unhealthy? 

Does the sugar content of a chocolate bar change depending on the flavour?


🍞 D&T Bread Week 🥖


This week, year 5 have put their theory into practice and bought their bread designs to life! They measured the ingredients and followed recipes precisely to make bread. All children worked well in a team. We then sampled the bread and evaluated how well our products matched our designs. 


Pupils Voice-


Sonny 5DO: My favourite part of making bread was kneading the dough because it was really fun!

Janelle 5DO: in D&T we had a weighing scale, flour, salt and butter. Kneading the dough was one of my favourite parts, because it involved teamwork and we don't often get to work as a team. Also, knowing that my bread was one of the best, proved to me that my hard work had paid off!

Heves 5DO: We made bread and my favourite was the olive bread, because I love olive bread! They also put cheese in it, but I couldn't really taste the cheese. It was still the best though!




In French, this term Year 5 have been learning about body parts and days of the week. The children have enjoyed matching pictures to words and working together to order the days of the week. This has helped them increase their French vocabulary whilst having fun!


Trip to the Royal Albert Hall by Ezgi and Tobi (Year 6)  and Jade and Mikolaj (Year 5)


On Friday 18th March, some children from Year 5 and 6 went on a trip to the Royal Albert Hall.

The first thing we did was take a bus and the underground train and when we arrived in Kensington we walked towards the Royal Albert Hall. On our way, we saw very posh and modern apartments and houses.

Finally, we arrived and we were shocked to see that the building was beautiful and circular-shaped. We all sat on the steps in front of the Royal Albert Hall, took a photo and admired the wonderful view.

Straight after that we split into groups and had an amazing tour of the inside of the building. Inside the theatre was huge and if you looked up you could see a glass domed roof holding its own weight. Right under that were mushroom-shaped things which stopped the echoes during concerts. Also on the tour we saw the Queen’s box and a picture of her with Nelson Mandela.

When the tour was finished we had a scrumptious picnic lunch under the bright, warm sun. Then it was time for the best part which everyone was looking forward to – the classical music concert.

The orchestra began and we listened to the music. We heard opera singers and a guitarist and there were colourful lights which created surprising patterns. When the concert was finishing, there were indoor fireworks which were amazing too.

After the concert we went back to school on public transport. What an incredible trip to the Royal Albert Hall.


🍞 Visit from a Baker 👨‍🍳


Y5 had a special visit from a parent who used to be a baker! Mr Burey spoke us through the process of baking on an industrial scale, and an overview of the job of being a baker. He bought along products for us to taste too! We hope the bread we make will be as professional!







📖 World Book Day Celebrations 🌍


World Book Day was on Thursday 3rd March and the children in year 5 fully immersed themselves in the experience. The classes took part in a paired reading activity with the younger children in year 3, a World Book Day Quiz, a game of literary Truth or Dare, made some book bunting and dropped everything to read upon hearing the bell throughout the day! Everyone had a really great day celebrating the love of reading.


🥖 D&T Brilliant Bread 🍞


Y5 have started their new D&T unit; Brilliant Bread. The children were very excited to get started! We started off with a bread-sampling lesson, where the children tried a variety of different breads, commenting on the texture, taste, appearance. We ranked the bread from our favourite to least favourite. 


Keep checking back for updates as our unit of work progresses!


Barbod 5DO: the bread we ate was pretty good, they all had different textures, taste, appearance and smells. Overall, my favourite was brioche. 


Harry 5DO: the baguette had a rough texture on the outside, but on the inside the dough was softer. My favourite bread was the naan.


Umar 5DO: on Friday we did bread sampling for our D&T topic. My favourite bread was brioche because it was very sweet and full of flavour. 



🔘 Anglo-Saxon Village Trip 🏡


On Tuesday we went on a trip to an Anglo-Saxon village in West Stow. We went to a little museum where we learned about all the things archeologists found, such as bones, fossilized poo and weapons like spears. We also explored some re-built Anglo-Saxon homes. My favourite one was the oldest one, which was built over 50 years ago. Archeologists used evidence they found nearby to help re-built the houses. 


by Tommy, 5DO


 STEM Ambassadors 


Year 5 and 6 took part in a live webinar this week on Earth and Space.  They learnt many interesting facts and had the opportunity to ask some scientists various questions.


The children met a scientist who studies astrophysics and works at the Science Museum. She is currently studying a new planet called 55 Cancri e which is a planet that doesn’t spin.  This means that it is always daytime on one side of the planet and always night time on the other.  She thinks that the surface of the planet may be lava.  In 2029, they will be launching a telescope to find out what the air is like on this planet. 


The children also met another scientist who works in a planetarium as a presenter.  She discussed the following questions: 

  • How do the planets move relative to the sun? 
  • How do we get night and day? Why do shadows change during the day? 
  • Why does the moon look different during the month?


Thank you to STEM Learning


Find Your Voice


The children in year 5 had an opportunity to spend the day learning some fantastic skills on how to build their confidence, delivery their thoughts and ideas to an audience. The session was called ‘Find your voice”. Throughout the day they developed skills and knowledge, which they used to talk about their interests, hopes and dreams. The children developed how to stand confidently and how to build their confidence through their voice. They then continued to use these skills to orally retell the story of Beowulf. Year 5 really enjoyed watching their videos and performances.




Science topic is properties of materials. Here we are investigating the absorbency of different types of materials. The children predicted and investigated. We also spoke about how to make this a fair test. 


Anti-Bullying Workshop


Children in Year 5 took part in an anti-bullying workshop. Below are statements from some of the children.


Evie- I enjoyed the bullying workshop because we acted out different scenes to do with power imbalances and bullying. I had fun with my group. It is important to stop bullying people.


Asya- I learnt in the bullying workshop that bullying is when something happens again and again and it is on purpose. Sometimes people bully others because they are jealous. 


Christiano- We watched a video showing a power imbalance between 4 friends playing an online game. One friend started to bully another because she wasn't happy in the game, and then others joined in. We acted as different characters and showed a power imbalance.